Stein 500ml, Polycarbonate

$8.90 inc GST

Prost! The Stein glass conjures up all sorts of images - lederhosen, dirndls, tent-based drinks and celebratory drinks. Stein glasses are the king of beer glasses. Sporting a hefty presence with thick, dimpled sides, a thick base and a sturdy handle,  they are beer glasses designed to quench a massive thirst.

Our polycarbonate steins are just like the glass ones, only ours are virtually unbreakable, and a whole lot lighter, meaning you won't strain your wrist having a drink! 

This is the smaller of our Polysafe steins - for an even bigger thirst, check out the 1120ml stein.   


  • Product Code: PS-30
  • Brand: Polysafe
  • Capacity: 500ml