Pure Vino Blanco 250mL, Polycarbonate

$6.79 inc GST

Part of the  'Pure Polysafe' range, this pristine white glass is designed for white wines, so it's a white, white wine glass! But it's not glass, it's a glass-like polymer called Polycardonate, meaning the glass is a white, white wine glass-like glass - a real mouthful. Let's just say it's what you need for al fresco dining, camping boating, or caravanning!


It's also perfect for branding, labelling and white parties!

Enquire now about labelling your Pure Vino Blanco's!


  • Model No: PS-6W
  • Capacity: 250mL
  • Type: Unbreakable champagne glass
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Height: 190mm
  • Diameter: 75mm