Naked Wines Offer

Naked Wines offer

Nice click! You're one step closer to getting your 2 free unbreakable wine glasses!

As a Naked Wines customer you get 2 free unbreakable wine glasses with your first online order on this website. An online order is simply purchasing 1 product from our store, it can be as cheap as a $1.45 Tossware Taster, plus $10 delivery and you'll then be able to add 2 wine glasses worth $6 each to your cart for free!


Palm unbreakable wine glassPalm unbreakable wine glass









Here's how you get the 2 free unbreakable wine glasses: 

Step 1

Add these Palm Wine Glasses to your cart:

(The price will be $12 initially, until you add another product and enter the discount code in the checkout process.)


Step 2

Add another product to your cart.


Step 3

Check out, enter in all your delivery details and enter this discount code: naked

The price of the 2 Palm wine glasses should become $0, then you can complete your order!


Thank you very much for your order and we look forward to sending you your unbreakable drinkware so you can enjoy your Naked Wines safely.