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  •  "Not only do they look smart they go straight in the dishwasher ... what more could you want!" - Howard, WA.

  • "Love them! My pool 'glasses' have turned into my everyday glasses :)" - Sam

  • "We have been using the polysafe wine glasses for around the pool area. We have found them to be a excellent product. We have also purchased tumbler glasses for my parents. Their glasses are used on a daily basis and still look brand new. They also are very happy with the product." - Roslyn

  • "We love our polysafe glasses. They hold the perfect amount of drink and are great to use outside and around the pool. No risk of broken glass around bare feet at parties." - Pamela

  • "Great Products for parties round the pool or as gifts. We got them for friends that go camping and fishing with us." - Ian




David and Elizabeth

"Thank you for the opportunity to express our pleasure in purchasing the Polysafe product. We essentially purchased the glasses for camping and caravaning but find that we use them around the home and outside patio. When entertaining, our friends express surprise to learn that they are not using actual glass."
Peter and Chris "It's nearly 18 months since we purchased our Polysafe glassware. We had just built an inground pool and outdoor entertainment area in the back yard and were worried about people dropping and breaking glass near the pool. We purchased shot glasses, red and white wine glasses, hi ball glasses and mixed drink glasses a set of 6 each. None have ever broken but have been dropped and we have been amazed, also everybody who has ever used them cannot believe they are not real glass they look so good. We would highly recommend them and will shortly be adding some of the other types to our collection. Congratulations on such a great product I hope your business continues to grow."
Jane "I am very impressed with your glasses they are exactly what I was looking for. Very stylish."
Karla "I brought a range of polysafe glasses for my grey nomad parents. They absolutely love them, they don't have to worry about them knocking together in the caravan whist travelling and they look just like glass. Great quality and good to drink out of. My parents take them down to "happy hour" where they are always a hit!! We recommend polysafe for all travellers and for anyone wanting good quality unbreakable glasses.."
Graeme "My polysafe is great!! I have equipped my caravan with all Polysafe drinkware because it is light, unbreakable, lovely to drink from and easy to store. The wine glasses have particular appeal because their profile is so similar to their glass or crystal counterparts. Great for camping."
Robert "We have had our Polysafe glasses for two and a half years now. Not one has broken or even tarnished despite multiple uses. We have a selection of wine, champagne, beer and short spirit glasses and they are in constant use. I would happily recommend them to anyone for outdoor and even everyday use. Exceptional quality and definitely value for money."
Kate "As we have a pool and great outdoor entertaining area, I was looking for no breakable strong drinks are for when we entertain. When I found the Polysafe website, I was quite excited. The drinkware was sleek design and just what I was looking for. When it arrived, I was even more excited.... It was strong and sturdy!!! Very very pleased with my Polysafe products and am happy to recommend them to all my family and friends."
Jodie "Love the plastique. Perfect for kids and adults being kids near the pool. Love the clear finish after being in dishwasher. And the wine glasses are nicely fine enough not to feel too plastic when sipping good vino."
Lauren "Love the glasses! I bought more to complete my set. Great for when my daughter grows up, if she drops a glass, it won't break! :)"
Tony "I love my polysafe glasses. We bought wine glasses and tall tumblers mid last year to use in our slide on camper. They are great to hold and use and you soon forget they are not glass. They handled the trip across the Simpson with ease and have now travelled to other remote areas. I recommended and show them to everyone that chuckles about the wine glasses in the camper on the hanging rack :)"
Heidi "We LOVE our Polysafe glassware! We purchased quite a few from your range and use every single one of them around the pool. Perfect! We have had so many people comment on them and wanted to know where we got them from. Some of our friends have freaked out when they have seen one knocked over, thinking its glass."
James "Our Unbreakable glasses have travelled around half Australia, through WA, SA and NT and help us celebrate visiting many Oz icons and they are doing well."
Tony "Everyone who comes to our place wants to know where we bought our magnificent “glass-ware” – we spread the word in volumes!! Here is a picture of the Polyware featuring VERY prominently at our Australia Day Celebration as the group struggles to answer the questions to an Australiana Quiz! The greatest outdoor table-ware we have ever used and seen. Good on Yah Polysafe!!!"



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