Tossware Tumbler / Wine - 532ml

$4.35 inc GST
SKU 398018

Our largest disposable wine glasses for some serious wine drinking. Sometimes you need a disposable option that looks and feel better that red cups. We have the solution!

Easy to transport, Tossware products feel and look like real glass, with a thin rounded rim, which simulates the feeling of a high end wine glass… Your lips won’t feel the difference!

Don’t forbid yourself to enjoy a nice drink in a nice cup wherever glass isn’t allowed! Their shatterproof and stackable design keeps you worry-free of accidents that can happen with regular glass cups. You won’t have to stop the party to clean up broken glass anymore.

Tossware wine glasses are semi-disposable. Not dishwasher safe but you can hand wash for re-use.

Tossware glasses are BPA-free.

Made from recycled PETE plastic and is 100% recyclable glassware.

Diameter: 92mm
Height: 109mm