Palm Sorona® Plate and Bowl Collection

The Palm Sorona® Plate and Bowl Collection is the first genuine new product in this category for many years. It is made in Australia from USA made DuPont Sorona®, which is superior to melamine in all important areas including being more sustainable. The range comes with a 10 year unbreakable guarantee.

The Palm Sorona Collection is made in Palm Outdoor Australia’s facility in Melbourne, Australia, under quality standards ISO9001:15 and ISO14001:15 (environmental).

Beautiful Design

  • Red Dot Award and Good Design Award winner.
  • Coloured non-slip base - Mix and Match
  • The curved shapes are beautiful to look at and to hold, the rims are fine and elegant


  • Made from DuPont Sorona® - a new Super-tough material with high-gloss surface and high density for a bone-china look and feel.
  • 10 year unbreakable guarantee (Melamine can chip and break)
  • Non-slip base acts like a coaster, increasing  stability, particularly on uneven surfaces, and reducing rattling during transport. The base is bonded so cannot collect debris.
  • Microwave safe for re-heating (melamine is not)
  • The raised edges of the plates restrains food (most melamine plates are flat and bowls have a basic shape)


  • DuPont Sorona® contains 35% renewably sourced material made from corn waste in Kentucky, USA.
  • Long-life + 100% recyclable = lower energy per use and no landfill
  • All materials are 100% recyclable. (Melamine cannot be re-melted so it cannot be recycled)