Environmentally Responsible

What does it mean to be Environmentally Responsible?

It means taking responsibility for your actions as a business, as a customer and as a person every day in relation to how you use resources in our shared environment.

We do this at Unbreakable Drinkware in a variety of ways as we explain on this page.


Product choice

We only sell and manufacture products that we believe are helpful to people and will not have an adverse impact on the environment. There will always be cheaper plastic glassware available, even sold in big grocery stores, but they can't be recycled and cheaper plastic can sit in landfill forever. 

All the unbreakable drinkware we sell is recyclable and has a manufacturing carbon footprint almost one tenth the size of the glass equivalent.

Polycarbonate, Tritan and Pet1 plastics use half as much energy to create than glass and create seven times less carbon dioxide during production.

For each of the drinkware brands we sell, we can show you how to recycle responsibly or clean and revive for the longest lifespan possible.



We make every effort to collect and re-use cardboard boxes for sending orders. We don't see any point in printing on new boxes for the sake of branding at your front door. So this means you will sometimes receive your order in boxes that contain irrelevant wording on the side of the box. Makes it more of a surprise don't you think?

If internal packaging is required we will use our biodegradable bubble wrap or re-use packaging from products we have received. 

If you have space at your venue or home, you too can recycle the boxes and packaging materials we send you.


Business processes

We review and work on improving everything we do in the back office and warehouse of our business such as;

  • Waste management - we recycle cardboard, collect cans/bottles and we compost food waste.
  • Transport - we keep our petrol usage low by using couriers for order deliveries, grouping warehouse pick ups and cycling to work. Some of our staff even work from home to reduce car travel.
  • Power - we use natural lighting during the day and LED lights at night.


Thank you for taking the time to read this page and we hope that we will be helping to send your order soon. If you have any questions please contact us.