Polysafe is the leading polycarbonate drinkware brand in Australia and is sold in over 20 countries worldwide. Polysafe unbreakable drinkware is tough, long lasting and feels the most like real glass. Designed for heavy use in the hospitality industry, it will last forever. But that's not all, when you buy Polysafe polycarbonate glasses you will also get the most amazing customer support. 

Features of Polysafe unbreakable glasses: Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, crystal finish, largest range, weights and measures certified on relevant glassware. Guaranteed to never crack or split.

Polysafe is superior by designPolysafe drinkware is constructed from only the highest food grade polycarbonate materials. Polysafe feature heavy bases that are modeled on the real glass equivalent to create the most glass-like plastic drinkware in the world.

Polysafe used advanced production techniques - that strengthen the drinkware’s internal structure. Our drinkware is guaranteed against cracking and injection bubbles. Polysafe is one of the only brands in the world to do this.

Polysafe Revival - With Polysafe's innovative Revive cleaning solution your Polysafe drinkware can be brought back to life, extending the serviceable lifespan by up to 4 times that of lesser brands. Revive is so strong it is recommended for exclusive use on Polysafe products.