Unbreakable Ale Haus Beer 310mL, Polycarbonate

$11.15 inc GST
SKU 0302 031 (PS-18)

This stemmed beer glass sports a design inspired by the ale glasses of Belgium, a country famed for its fantastic beers. Made from unbreakable polycarbonate, the glass has a thick stem, a broad base, and thick walls to form the tapered bowl.  

Bring a little bit of Europe to the dinner table, picnic, or anywhere else in your life with this large sized European beer glass.

 This is the smaller version of the 500ml Ale Haus


  • Classic European beer glass
  • Rounded drinking lip
  • Weights & Measures verified



  • Model No: PS-18
  • Capacity: 310mL 
  • Type: Unbreakable beer glass
  • Material: Polycarbonate 
  • Height: 159mm
  • Diameter top: 71mm
  • Diameter bottom: 74mm
  • Weight: 140g