Unbreakable Mojito Cocktail Glass 200ml, Polycarbonate

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SKU 0361 020 (PS-14)

The 200mL 'Mojito' is smaller version of the 400mL 'Caiprioska'. It can be used for both cocktails or as a tumbler for the up market bar, lounge, or nightclub. Made from glass-like Polycarbonate, the thick heavy base gives the shape stability and weight.


  • 200mL Mojito
  • 30mm Heavy Base for Stability
  • Versitile cocktail and tumbler shapes


  • Model No: PS-14
  • Capacity: 200mL
  • Type: Unbreakable cocktail glass
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Height: 137mm
  • Diameter: 71mm
  • Warranty: Lifetime crack guarantee