Unbreakable Stein 500ml, Polycarbonate

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Prost! The Stein glass conjures up all sorts of images - lederhosen, dirndls, tent-based drinks and celebratory drinks. Stein glasses are the king of beer glasses. Sporting a hefty presence with thick, dimpled sides, a thick base and a sturdy handle,  they are beer glasses designed to quench a massive thirst.

Our polycarbonate steins are just like the glass ones, only ours are virtually unbreakable, and a whole lot lighter, meaning you won't strain your wrist having a drink! 

This is the smaller of our Polysafe steins - for an even bigger thirst, check out the 1120ml stein.   


  • Product Code: PS-30
  • Brand: Polysafe
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Warranty Lifetime crack guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Craig Cameron
Unbreakable Stein

Great purchase and very fast delivery

Barbara Nielsen
Not just a beer mug!

I struggle to hold glassware now with my old arthriticky hands, but these are just perfect. So easy to hold, not slippery when being washed, and don't break if dropped. They hold a long drink, too, so I don't have to get up and refill it so often.

Carolyn Hutchison
Almost Perfect

Love the steins, they look stylish and are a good size. The handles however are too big for my hand to hold comfortably with my disability. I will purchase other drinkware when I can afford to though as it is much safer and lighter than glass for my grandchildren and I.

Liz Neville
I love these!

They're great and I'll never have to buy glasses again

Holly Peters

Unbreakable Stein 500ml, Polycarbonate