Unbreakable Rock Double Old fashioned 350ml

$7.03 inc GST
SKU 0315 035 (PS-35)

A classic old fashion design doubled up to offer a comfortable hold.
It has a 350mL capacity for drinking your favourite spirit in style.The shape of this polycarbonate drinking will be familiar to anyone who has ventured into a pub, bar, or cafe in Australia recently,  the hexagonal based design is a staple in the hospitality industry and has been quenching thirsty customers for years.

This is a great glass for spirits, mixers and water, and whatever else you can think of.. 


  • Stackable
  • Thick heavy base
  • Comfortable drinking lip


  • Model No: PS-35
  • Capacity: 350mL
  • Type: Unbreakable tumbler glass
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Height: 100mm
  • Diameter top: 91mm
  • Diameter bottom: 66mm
  • Weight: 139g
  • Warranty: Lifetime crack guarantee